ASMR Binaural Guided and Progressive Relaxation/Meditation for Tingles, Anxiety Relief, and Sleep

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Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: A new swivel technique I’m using to experiment with Ear to Ear sounds, Ear to Ear Soft Speaking and Whispering, Ear Massage, Counting, Breathing In Your Ears, and some Spanish. I have done guided relaxation videos before, and I usually try to take you to a different place with them—but for this one I wanted to give you something you could do at home at any time without having to get in the right frame of mine to pretend you’re elsewhere. I really hope it works for you—I know there are some of you struggling right now. It’s my hope this can help give you a break. I am not an expert in this whatsoever, so we are experimenting together. Happy Viewing…errrr…Happy Listening!
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