Law of Attraction–Collection of Teachings from Amazing Speakers–Louis Hay, Wayne Dyer, more

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This is an amazing 4 hour video with great interviews from some of the best teachers of the law of attraction, and much more. The teachers here in order (with time stamps): (1) Cheryl Richardson 0:00 (2) Christiane Northrup 22:12 (3) Doreen Virtue 47:33 (4) Jerry Esther and Abraham Hicks 1:02:12 (5) Gay Hendricks 1:31:38 (6) Gregg Braden 1:52:47 (7) Leon Nacson 2:20:29 (8) Louise Hay 2:35:36 (9) Mona Lisa Schulz 2:54:13 (10) Wayne Dyer 3:07:45 (11) Louise Hay 3:38:44