Committment to Success: Achieve your Goals (Hindi)

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Committment to Success: Achieve your Goals (Hindi)

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We have wishes and desires, We make plans to achieve them… But many a times ‘josh’ does not stay for many days, and our wishes remain wishes. Our plans do not get converted to rewards, our goals do not get converted to success.

In this motivational video, I have given another solution for self motivation. If you want to be motivated and develop commitment to success, then you can check out motivational tip given in hindi in this thought provoking video. Being a motivational speaker, I understand what challenges we face when we set out goals.

Summary of the motivational message video:
I have given many motivational tips on converting your goals into actions. I have posted many inspiring motivating videos about staying committed to success. Here is my another tip on staying self motivated. When you are done with your goals setting and you have a mindset to achieve your goals, then you need commitment with your goals as commitment is everything. To inject commitment to success in you, you can make and sign a contract. You must have heard about employment contract, partnership contract or business contract. But this contract to be signed by you is contract of commitment. Yes a promise of staying committed to your goals done by you with as an agreement. To achieve your dreams, think of your short term or long term goals. Take a paper, and write the title ‘contract of commitment’. Start it with a promise and declare your goals. To achieve success, you need to promise yourself.

Further in this success training video, I have mentioned about details to be written while making this commitment to achieve dreams. You need write importance of your goals and benefits out of them.

In this commitment inspirational video, I have given few examples like- If you want to achieve sales target with commitment, you can write down it as a promise to yourself and mention why it is important.

I promise myself to achieve sales target of Rs. 10,00,000 in the month of June. This will help me to get my incentives and a new cell phone for myself. This will lead to better promotion chances and strong career profile.

Another example of commitment to work is:

I promise myself that I will achieve marks target of 90% as it will allow me to choose my dream college and pursue my graduation according to my wishes. This will give me a secured future and a great career ahead.

So you can achieve any goal with consistent actions which can be given by such a promise to yourself. To stay self motivated, keep this paper around so that you can have a look at it frequently and remind yourself of your success mantra. This will act as an authenticated and written proof of your commitment.

Even if you want to achieve the impossible, think over it, break it down into goals and write them down and start taking actions.

Hope you enjoyed my video on how to achieve your goals in Hindi. Being a motivational speaker in India, it’s my passion and duty to help you all with best success motivational videos. You can post your comments or questions, I will surely revert to it.

Stay Inspired..!

Him-eesh Madaan
Motivational Speaker