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Today was different. There was something very special about today. It was quite chilly in the morning when I left my Melbourne home. Melbourne is a place where one can experience four seasons in a day. Even if the weather conditions fluctuate a lot the meteorological guys do an amazing job of predicting it precisely most of the time. It was quite cold but weather had no effect on me.

Even if I had finished internet check-in I reached the Melbourne International Airport 3 hours before scheduled departure. Probably I was the first one to check-in my baggage, even my excess baggage went through without any hassles.

“Your flight today is running 2 hours late, Sir” I was advised at the check-in counter. This means now I had to stay on the airport for the next 5 hours before I board the plane. Normally, something like this would annoy me but today was different. This rescheduling did not upset me. I was as cool, and “chill pilled” as if I was dropping someone off at the airport, and not travelling myself.

The giant 777 aircraft took only an hour to cover the Melbourne-Sydney distance. To cover the lost time the airlines decided not to have a stopover at Sydney airport. Instead, I simply disembarked the flight and got into the connecting flight. I had to rush from one gate to another in a few minutes like all other passengers so the flight can take off quickly. But this last minute running around did not increase my stress levels.

Sydney to Los Angeles is a non-stop 14 hours long flight. One is guaranteed to lose track of time since you are continuously travelling in different time zones. Regardless of comfort level you are in air for that long and are continuously eating without any exercise. This tends to upset your systems and cause headache or indigestion. But this change did not affect me.

In fact, on my flight I made quite a few new friends, exchanged views, ideas, opinions and phone nos., and made other people feel very special by asking questions about them. The more interest you show in other people they think you are wonderful. This reverse psychology always works. On the plane I met a group of ex-Australian Army officials that was going to attend a global function in Washington DC. These guys shared a lot of their stories from the wars they participated in. In the rest of the time I managed to finish reading almost half “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by my favourite world class author Robin Sharma. It was amazing to see that I was running short of time on a 14 hours non-stop flight. This was weird. I enjoyed every bit of the journey; today was different.

You must be wondering what was so special about today. Well, let me share something personal with you… I was on my way to see my first grand-child in Cleveland, OH. You can possibly imagine the bliss my soul was experiencing.

So, what is my point? Simple… when you have a higher purpose for achieving anything in life, be it temporary, hurdles in the way appear small and lose their power. This applies to all aspects of our life – health, fitness, spirituality, business, relationships, finance, self improvement, family, education, and… travel.

In his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” Robin Sharma says, “when you are inspired by some great purpose all your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.” I was experiencing this during my journey to US.

When you know the purpose of your travel your mind sets right expectations that are in line with your passions and your accomplishments reach a higher level. Ex-Captain of Australian Cricket team, Steve Waugh once said “when I take my team to India I tell new members of my team that there will be poor people, there will be beggars, there will be crowds, there will be pollution, but Indian people are extremely hospitable, they have warmth in their hearts, and they will welcome you with open arms. Most importantly, we will be playing against Indian cricket team in India and we must win.”